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As a fair organiser you can choose from several types of standard shell scheme stands that are both modular and flexible.

Modular, however customized !

Standardization has numerous advantages and so it has become the keyword in our stand design.

At alter expo we can pick from a wide range to come up with creative solutions. This is a welcome challenge for us!

The use of modular construction allows us to efficiently set up a stand in no time, without sacrificing on creativity! Modular shell schemes allow multiple combinations of different materials. The result is a tailor-made, user-friendly and innovative solution.

Reuse is built into standardized stand constructions. We store, pack and transport the stands under the most favourable conditions.

Looking for an innovative and creative solution for your fair project? Try our modular stand constructions, which ensure both flexibility and reusability, resulting in an extensive number of setup combinations. Uniform stand construction offers a lot of possibilities. Even the wildest ideas can be carried out in affordable standardized constructions.

Do you have a concept in mind, but you doubt the feasibility of it? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to rack our brains over your concept and eagerly accept any challenge. If the ideal solution is not in our expertise, we will look for the right supplier for you. In this way we also act as a proactive partner to your needs. You would be surprised by the concepts we already realized.

your fair