About us

We turn an empty exhibition hall into an inspiring meeting place in no time. Our well-selected teams work fast and efficiently. Meet our staff. We are happy to give you more information and to explain to you the way we work.

 <strong>About us</strong>

Our team

Evzen Soustal
Jo Dalm
Michel De Craemer
Anja Seyssens
Guilian Herst
Arne Verliefde
Bie Berten
Christian Duyck
Tim Van Quickelberghe
Carine Van de Walle
Ann Germonpré
Katrien Stas
Luc De Witte
Niels Bruggeman
Mattias De Clercq
Johanna Mestdag
Luc De Backer
Frank Ceuterick
Klaas Moyaert
Luc Van Nieuwenhuyze

The hart in the right place

Alter expo is a fun, challenging and inspiring place to work. We like to share our positive spirit, especially with those in less fortunate situations. That is why we have set up a heartwarming tradition, one that really suits the values of alter expo. Each year we donate to charity the budget devoted to end-of-the-year gifts and we also sponsor some special charities. Discover here the projects for which our heart beats faster.

Alter Expo