our approach

The secret of a well-organised fair lies in an efficient partnership.

We love to get down to work in order for your project to run as smooth as possible.

Our flexible and transparent approach results from our extensive experience in creativity for stands, and stand construction. And our services are accustomed to every organizer’s needs and budget.

A fair organizer is a jack-of-all-trades. His goal is to transform the ambience of a fair hall in such a way that both visitors and exhibitors feel welcome to it. We are happy to assist you in that process, putting our expertise, know-how and hard work at your service.

Our efficient approach allows us to build thousands of square meters of stands in no time. Besides building your exhibition stands, we also  coordinate the logistics, the integration and the furnishing of different zones.

Partnership is the core of the successful setup of a fair. First, we listen to the fair organiser’s needs and then we transform these requirements into a viable project. The executive team, responsible for the setup of your fair, is carefully selected and accurately followed up by alter expo. We keep track of the whole, keep an eye on your budget and guarantee the required quality of your exhibition.