our values

Our values ensure that we do the right things. We want to work together on the basis of shared values and therefore ensure value creation for all our stakeholders: our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, our subcontractors, our surroundings, ....


'Honest' and 'correct' are fundamental concepts in our collaboration.

We expect honest and correct relations with each other, our customers and the organisation/managers.

  • I am myself with my colleagues
  • I talk directly with a colleague if I have a problem with them
  • I admit my mistakes
  • I am consistent, and am true to my word
  • I am open to criticism
  • The end goal is more important than my own interests



We make a difference through our commitment at alter expo: commitment to each other, to the management, to the organisation and to customers. alter expo expects its employees to show commitment and respect to each other, to the organisation and to the management, as well as to sub-contractors and customers.

  • I show appreciation for my colleagues' performance
  • I know that my colleagues can show appreciation for my performance
  • I take account of the personalities of my colleagues
  • I do more than imy job description
  • I love variety in my work
  • I involve everyone in important events
  • I am proud of my work
  • I do my work to achieve the end goal
  • I talk positively about alter expo, also after 5pm
  • I improve the operation of alter expo, also after 5pm
  • I defend the good atmosphere and mentality with newcomers, colleagues, customers, sub-contractors, etc.
  • I am an essential part of a whole
  • I do not go to work at alter expo, but rather I am part of alter expo
  • I deliver perfect work.


'Working together' means communication, talking with each other, even if we don't agree

  • I dare to ask for help
  • I dare to ask questions
  • I know my boundaries and dare to talk about them
  • I make it possible for people to say 'no'
  • I get an opportunity to give my opinion about important decisions
  • I take the opportunity to give my opinion about important decisions


  • I see the added value of every colleague
  • I express my appreciation to my colleagues
  • I contribute to achieving the organisation's objectives, whatever my role
  • I accept the individuality of others
  • I can allow the input of others to take precedence over mine
  • I am aware of my own judgements and prejudices
  • I show respect for every individual


  • I help where necessary, also if it is not directly my task
  • I listen and am open to all opinions
  • I accept that everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • I defend my colleagues, also to customers
  • I stand behind colleagues' decisions
  • I count on my colleagues
  • I implement decisions, even if I do not totally agree with them