Make your trade show FUTURE-PROOF

Make your trade show FUTURE-PROOF

Focus on your core business.

Organizing a trade show is a titanic undertaking. It is virtually impossible to organize and execute everything internally. The needs and demands of exhibitors and visitors have increasingly compelled organizers to fully focus on their core business. Outsourcing offers more room and flexibility, so you can respond more quickly to market changes. Moreover, the know-how and experience of the specialized partner are put to good use, while you yourself have a lot less to worry about. Strategic partners accelerate innovation, enabling your company to reach new customers or provide better service to existing ones.

That is... if they have the right skills and the two companies “match” well together.

Expand your strategic resilience with the right partner.

With “next level outsourcing”, it’s not only the Service Level Agreement that matters. A “match” between both outsourcing partners’ corporate culture and strategy is gaining increasing importance. Smooth communication and a good working relationship with the service provider is a must. This requires the partner to closely align his processes with those of the client and the sharing of certain values and objectives.

To survive in a very competitive market, organizers have to be resilient, dynamic and flexible. And their strategic partners should support this. Consequently, it is important not only to map the company’s current opportunities, but to look ahead at the potential for growth and change as well. The partner’s flexibility and knowledge management are elementary.

Focus on common interests.

It is essential that partners should focus on common interests. Obviously, the client’s "cost minimization" and the supplier’s "profit maximization" are conflicting objectives. This, however, does not rule out that both can be achieved from common objectives. What it essentially comes down to, is ensuring the "added value" remains greater than the costs and that "non-value added costs" are eliminated. Keeping this pursuit in mind, will yield common benefits and durable relationships will create long-term value for all involved.

The way to the perfect marriage.

Much like people, companies operate at their best when they can do what they are good at, in an environment that makes them feel good. It is therefore important to examine the DNA of the potential partner company. Companies (and more specifically the people who work in it) which are aware of their DNA and act accordingly, perform better. So, taking a look at the DNA which a company appropriates, is vital. When the qualifications and the DNA match your needs, do not charge headlong into a decision yet. First research whether the company also acts accordingly. If this is the case, you are already well on the way to the perfect marriage.

If you would like to know a bit more about the DNA of alter expo (the unique trade show constructor exclusively for organizers), click here and we’ll take the time to tell you our story.



Luc De Witte